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The horror attacks by Hamas on October 7th, 2023, have left an indelible mark on Israel, one of the darkest and saddest days in the history of the Jewish people and among the most barbarous in human history.

The brutal murder of innocent people, including parents, grandparents, children, and babies, resulted in a devastating toll, with over 1,500 lives brutally taken, and more than 230 individuals kidnapped to Gaza. In the wake of this tragedy, the evident strain on mental health is expected to grow over time. However, the resilience and determination of the State of Israel and its people shine through, as we are committed to supporting those in need during this horrific period.
Welltech Ventures is partnering with reputable NPO’s to support the people of Israel as they face the aftermath of the atrocities committed by Hamas.

ERAN provides Lifesaving Emotional First Aid Services, offering initial response and emotional support on the phone and online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity. ERAN National Hotline dealt with over 20,000 distress calls since Saturday morning October 7th, with the help of about 1,750 volunteers and staff members. During the Infernal Sabbath, 3,000 emergency calls were answered in ERAN’s hotline and Online services (Chat, WhatsApp, SMS).

Educare IL is a non-profit organization founded in order to promote resilience and prevent violence in Israeli society, through the research and implementation of empirically-based training programs for therapists, educators and parents (see list of publications).

ENOSH – The Israeli Mental Health Association, is Israels largest mental health organization. Since its inception in 1978 Enosh has been promoting recovery, social inclusion, and fighting for the rights of people with physchosocial disabilities and their families. In recent years Enosh has been focusing on Israels youth and young adult demographic with three specific methods of treatment, Prevention, Respite Homes and the Enosh Unit for Trauma and Crisis Intervention.

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