Our Mission

Placing the power of well-being into the hands of the people

The future of wellness is in us. It’s about empowering each person to take control of their well-being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And technology innovation is the most powerful vehicle we have toward that end.

Welltech - Vision

To empower founders who are passionate about making health, wellness, and longevity accessible to the masses

In a world where low-income individuals are four times more likely to suffer from poor mental and physical health than their higher-income counterparts*, wealth should no longer be a barrier to a long, healthy life.

In a society where up to 70% of annual deaths are preventable**, people shouldn’t be denied access to data and technology that can dramatically improve, even lengthen, their lives.

That’s why, at Welltech, we partner with leaders who are democratizing wellness like never before—who are driven to innovate breakthrough ways to prevent disease and promote lasting well-being, regardless of age, gender, geographic location, or socioeconomic reality.

*Urban Institute

Israel's first and leading wellness-focused VC fund

Welltech Ventures is the first and leading venture capital firm in Israel solely focused on the wellness space. Our high-level experience, thought leadership, vast global network, and founder-focused, fast-paced culture makes us the partner of choice for Israel’s most promising and profitable well-tech entrepreneurs.

We’re passionate about investing in early-stage startups that are harnessing new technologies to improve people’s lives in ways we never dreamed possible, innovating in areas such as remote care, preventive medicine, mental health, physical wellness, nutrition, longevity, wellness sustainability, and more. 

“We like to work in high velocity, and Welltech has proven to be a phenomenal parter for a high-velocity approach. Their quick decision-making was impressive to us from day one. They contacted us, expressing interest in what we were doing, and within 48 hours, they made first investment—and they have continued to participate in additional rounds of funding.

What sets Welltech apart as investors is their focus on building long-term partnerships. They go above and beyond to introduce us to other high-profile investors, even going so far as to fly one out on a private jet within 24 hours to meet us. Additionally, we very much value their operational expertise, which allows them to understand and support the nuances of running a business. Overall, we highly recommend Welltech as a valuable partner for any entrepreneur seeking long-term growth and success.”

Ben Enosh

Founder of Antidote

Welltech’s extensive knowledge and ability to promote deep technology solutions that push the boundaries of wellness—while bridging the gap between the medical and wellness space—is truly unique and a valuable asset to our company. From the moment we met the Weltech team, they saw the potential in our company and have been incredibly supportive ever since. They bring a fresh perspective and an amazing ability to spot industry trends weeks before others.

Their engagement and network has been truly impressive. They’re flexible and open-minded, lending their valuable perspective while also giving us room to make the decisions we feel are best for the company. Welltech is an incredible team of investors and strategic partners who have helped us on many levels. I can’t recommend them enough. Any entrepreneur would be luck to work with them.

Ziv Peremen

Founder of Xtrodes

I founded and led three other life-science companies, and is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with an investor. Welltech has been extremely creative, supportive, proactive, and resourceful in its approach. From the degree of support to their deep industry insights to the connections that they made for us—all in a way that is super founder-conscious. I was impressed by their unique combination of two qualities that you don’t often see in one VC: a small, close-knit team that feels like family, along with a breadth and depth of industry know ledge borne of many years of experience. Being focused on wellness rather than generalists means that

Isaac Bentwich

Founder of Quris AI

From our first interaction, our connection with Amir and Galit at Welltech felt sincere, direct, and straightforward. Their super-fast yet extensive due diligence was eye-opening, and the process put our company in the best position for future investments.
The Welltech team has gone above and beyond to connect us to the right people and remove barriers—for example, working to get us connected to someone at Apple when we hit a roadblock while developing our iOS app. Their ongoing support whenever we’ve needed it has been completely invaluable.
We are lucky to have a great portfolio of investors, but Welltech is the only one that opened so many doors for us that, at one point, we had to tell them to stop because we were fully booked with meetings!

Roy Cohen
Founder of Behavidence
The Welltech team are not just investors, they are true partners. They always keep us in mind, doing invaluable introductions, including to major partners, opening doors, and making sure to help in any way possible beyond the investment. They are investors who will celebrate your success and work hard with you when needed. They understand the industry and investment dynamic well, and their reliable operations and business background enable them to have the right input at the right time. You need to choose your investors well; we couldn’t be happier with our choice to partner with Welltech!
Adi Wallach

CEO of CalmiGO

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