Amir Alroy, MA

Co-Founder and Partner

Amir Alroy, MA

Co-Founder and Partner

Amir is the Co-founder of Welltech Ventures. Amir is a highly accomplished wellness professional with vast experience in both investments and wellness.

Prior to founding Welltech Ventures, Amir served as the CEO of AYRAD Investments, a family investment arm that over the past 25 years has invested in dozens of early stage and growth hi-tech companies. Before that, Amir founded and served as CEO of Cloud9 Wellness Clubs, which focused on fitness and nutrition.

Amir chaired the 2022 Global Wellness Summit that was held in Israel, a testament to his expertise and leadership in the industry. He is also a board member at the Global Wellness Summit Advisory Board, the heart of the multi-trillion-dollar global wellness economy that facilitates collaboration between leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of wellness worldwide.

Amir has been a dedicated Global Wellness Day ambassador for several years, supporting the not-for-profit day that promotes living well worldwide. He is also a well-known wellness keynote speaker, hosting a monthly wellness technology podcast and pioneering in the wellness technology global ecosystem.

Amir’s remarkable achievements have been recognized globally, and he was recently selected as one of the top 30 influencers transforming wellness 2022-2023 by Medika Life.

Amir holds an M.Sc (with honors) in Sports Management from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, and a B.A from Reichman University in Israel.

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