Wearable wireless technology for advanced measurements of biopotential signals – anytime, anywhere

About XTrodes

Xtrodes enables people to improve their quality of life through understanding, predicting, and improving our electrophysiological outcomes through smart, wireless electrodes that are also dry, flexible, and ultra-soft.

Why we invested

When we first came across Xtrodes, we were immediately impressed by the company’s mission to improve quality of life and detect chronic health conditions through understanding, predicting, and improving electrophysiological outcomes. Their technology offers a new alternative to the current solutions for reading electrophysiological signals, which are often cumbersome and uncomfortable for patients.

We were particularly impressed by the talent and expertise of the entrepreneurs behind the company and the deep scientific data and technology they had developed at Tel-Aviv University. With over 500 potential use cases, we knew this technology had the potential to make a real impact in the healthcare industry.

One aspect that particularly caught our attention was the company’s focus on sleep disorders as their go-to-market strategy. Sleep disorders are a common problem, but the existing solutions for measuring and detecting them are not as accurate or comfortable as Xtrodes.

We believe that Xtrodes has the potential to improve the lives of many people and their technology has the power to make a real impact in the healthcare industry. We are excited to see the progress they will make in the future.

In the founder’s words

Welltech’s extensive knowledge and ability to promote deep technology solutions that push the boundaries of wellness—while bridging the gap between the medical and wellness space—is truly unique and a valuable asset to our company. From the moment we met the Weltech team, they saw the potential in our company and have been incredibly supportive ever since. They bring a fresh perspective and an amazing ability to spot industry trends weeks before others.

Their engagement and network has been truly impressive. They’re flexible and open-minded, lending their valuable perspective while also giving us room to make the decisions we feel are best for the company. Welltech is an incredible team of investors and strategic partners who have helped us on many levels. I can’t recommend them enough. Any entrepreneur would be luck to work with them.

Ziv Peremen
Founder of XTrodes


CEO & Founders

Dr. Ziv Peremen

Prof. Yael Hanein

Alon Netzer

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