The world’s first AI clinical drug prediction platform

About Quris

Quris is disrupting the drug development process through a groundbreaking Bio-Al Clinical Prediction Platform which predicts which drug candidates will safely work in humans – avoiding tremendous costs of failed clinical trials.

Why we invested

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In the founder’s words

I founded and led three other life-science companies, and is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with an investor. Welltech has been extremely creative, supportive, proactive, and resourceful in its approach. From the degree of support to their deep industry insights to the connections that they made for us—all in a way that is super founder-conscious.

I was impressed by their unique combination of two qualities that you don’t often see in one VC: a small, close-knit team that feels like family, along with a breadth and depth of industry knowledge borne of many years of experience. Being focused on wellness rather than generalists means that they have a passion, dedication, and understanding of the field that is extremely valuable

Isaac Bentwich
Founder of Quris


CEO & Founders

Isaac Bentwich

Yossi Haran

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