Our Portfolio Companies


There are 40M+ uninsured Americans who struggle to access even the most basic healthcare. Antidote Health’s state of the art virtual HMO platform delivers acute and primary care services to these uninsured Americans at a fraction of the regular cost.


Xtrodes enables people to improve their quality of life through understanding, predicting, and improving our electrophysiological outcomes through smart, wireless electrodes that are also dry, flexible, and ultra-soft.


Designing, developing, and commercializing novel IP protected designer proteins. Amai’s first innovation uses sweet designer proteins as a substitute for sugar reducing 40%-70% of the added sugar used in the food industry


The behavidence mobile app uses AI to understand a person's mobile interactions. Then, it generates a mental health score which is based on a digital behavior comparison to other people diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, or Anxiety.


Alike’s proprietary algorithm computes the similarities between every two individuals in its system - creating an Alikeness score - which enables to make meaningful, life-changing connections between people who share the same medical journey


Quris is disrupting the drug development process through a groundbreaking Bio-AI Clinical Prediction Platform which predicts which drug candidates will safely work in humans – avoiding tremendous costs of failed clinical trials.


Dendro Technologies offers the first drug free solution device providing immediate relief of anxiety, anxiety attacks and stress. Dendro’s patented technology delivers relaxation in moments of anxiousness by regulating users’ breathing and stimulating their senses

MDI Health

Artificial pharmacology intelligence capable of performing multi-dimensional context-based analyses of thousands of pharmacological and patient-specific parameters, to autonomously optimize personal medication regimens across the entire population

Vuze Medical

Developing the world’s first software-only surgical guidance for skeletal surgery, with a current focus on spine. VUZE fuses standard in-surgery X-Rays (2D) with a standard pre-surgery CT scan (3D) in real time to provide surgeons with the online images they need most and currently do not have.


Hedonia improves symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety through the use of Facilitating Thought Progression (FTP), a science-based solution created by the world’s leading cognitive neuroscience researchers

Our Approach

By fusing life sciences and technology in paradigm-shattering ways, our entrepreneurs are redefining the future of health—in body, mind, and spirit.

Revolutionizing health and wellness requires audacious thinking, a willingness to think beyond traditional approaches, and a drive to challenge the perceived limits of what’s possible.

As Israel’s first and leading wellness-focused VC fund, we partner with leaders driven to forever change how societies prevent disease and how individuals pursue lasting well-being, regardless of their age, gender, where they live, or their socioeconomic reality.

Our investment thesis is rooted in the belief that the next generation of successful health & wellness startups will succeed by harnessing an evidence-based, transdisciplinary approach—merging engineering, computer and data science, mathematics, and life sciences to make health and wellness more personalized, affordable, and accessible to the masses.

What is Wellness

A Global Revolution

Wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. We work with global investors to advance today’s most ambitious and disruptive wellness-centered startups, including the following focus areas and beyond.

Welltech Ventures invest

Prevention and Personalized Medicine


Wellness Sustainability

Mental Health and Sleep

Remote and Self-care


Physical Activity

Social Wellness

Why Welltech Ventures.

What makes us different


Deeply Immersed In The Wellness Tech Ecosystem

Tapping into our vast knowledge and decades of experience in wellness and technology spaces, we identify trends early and provide focused mentorship, one-on-one guidance, and a sounding board to accelerate their growth.


Local Presence, Vast Global Relationships

Whether our founders need introductions to industry leaders or a stronger investment pipeline, they can take advantage of our robust global network—including government agencies, academic institutions, multinational companies, leading HMOs, thought leaders, and top hospitals.


A Team That Moves Fast — And Feels Like Part Of Yours

As a tight-knit, agile team, we don’t have the red tape of other VCs, giving us the flexibility to make quick investment decisions, provide fast, eye-level feedback, build strong relationships, and roll up our sleeves to assist with next-step funding.

Let's talk wellness.

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