Providing immediate drug-free relief in moments of anxiety

About CalmiGO

Dendro Technologies offer the first drug free solution device providing immediate relief of anxiety, anxiety attacks and stress. The patented device, CalmiGo, delivers relaxation in moments of anxiousness by regulating users’ breathing and stimulating their senses, resulting in a 88.9% decrease in anxiety and 100% decrease in stress. The device is currently being sold in CVS, through the Veterans Affairs, The FSA, and Online.There are studies with top tier partners including Northwell Hospital, Mayo Clinic, The Ohio State University, and Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. The company has recently signed an agreement with United Healthcare, the largest healthcare insurance company in the US.

Why we invested

In the founder’s words

“The Welltech team are not just investors, they are true partners. They always keep us in mind, doing invaluable introductions, including to major partners, opening doors, and making sure to help in any way possible beyond the investment. They are investors who will celebrate your success and work hard with you when needed. They understand the industry and investment dynamic well, and their reliable operations and business background enable them to have the right input at the right time. You need to choose your investors well; we couldn’t be happier with our choice to partner with Welltech!”

Adi Wallach
CEO of CalmiGO


CEO & Founders

Adi Wallach

Dr. Orna Levin M.D.

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