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About Behavidence

Behavidence is a cutting-edge mobile app that uses AI to accurately evaluate and track mental health conditions by passively monitoring digital behavior on mobile devices. The app generates a mental health score based on a comparison of the user’s mobile interactions to others diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, PPD, and stress. The company has achieved impressive accuracy rates in identifying and tracking these conditions, including 89% for depression, 94% for anxiety, 76% for ADHD, 91% for PPD, and 98% for stress. Behavidence is currently working on developing other models and has established partnerships with leading companies in the health industry, such as the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, NHS, Essen Health Care, and Discovery Health, to provide its innovative solutions to a wide range of mental health conditions.

Why we invested

We are always on the lookout for innovative and disruptive technology that addresses important and acute problems in the wellness space. When we discovered Behavidence, we were immediately impressed by their unique approach and diverse team. Led by founder Roy Cohen, a neuroscientist and former consumer behavior expert at Facebook, the team includes professionals in other fields such as medicine, bioengineering, and medical imaging. This diversity of expertise and experience gives Behavidence a competitive edge in the market.

Their mobile app offers high-accuracy tools for evaluating and tracking mental health conditions by passively monitoring digital behavior on mobile devices, with impressive accuracy rates. We believe that Behavidence’s unique technology and skillful team position them for success and we are excited to see the progress they will make in the future.

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In the founder’s words

From our first interaction, our connection with Amir and Galit at Welltech felt sincere, direct, and straightforward. Their super-fast yet extensive due diligence was eye-opening, and the process put our company in the best position for future investments.

The Welltech team has gone above and beyond to connect us to the right people and remove barriers—for example, working to get us connected to someone at Apple when we hit a roadblock while developing our iOS app. Their ongoing support whenever we’ve needed it has been completely invaluable.
We are lucky to have a great portfolio of investors, but Welltech is the only one that opened so many doors for us that, at one point, we had to tell them to stop because we were fully booked with meetings!

Roy Cohen
Founder of Behavidence


CEO & Founders

Roy Cohen

Dr. Garish Srinivasan

Dr. Janine Ellenberger

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