The first AI-based virtual HMO designed for the 40M uninsured Americans

About Antidote

First AI-based virtual HMO (Payvider), designed for the uninsured and sells directly to them (B2C) and via the ACA exchanges. By leveraging AI, vertically integrating virtual care and its own full health insurance coverage, Antidote aim to provide coverage at 50% of the cost of existing alternatives.

Why we invested

Antidote Health caught our attention with their commitment to increasing accessibility and affordability in healthcare for America’s underinsured population, estimated at 40M+ individuals. However, it was their exceptional team and leadership that truly convinced us to invest. The company’s founder, Ben Enosh, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record for success and a clear vision for addressing the needs of America’s underinsured population.

The current U.S. healthcare landscape, characterized by a rise in health expenditure and chronic diseases, presents a prime opportunity for telehealth solutions to address an ever-growing need for accessible and affordable healthcare. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the shift towards virtual care, making this an opportune time for Antidote’s platform.

We believe Antidote’s approach of taking Israel’s HMO model and implement it virtually in the US has the potential to make a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of millions of Americans—and we’re so thrilled to be part of their journey.

In the founder’s words

We like to work in high velocity, and Welltech has proven to be a phenomenal parter for a high-velocity approach. Their quick decision-making was impressive to us from day one. They contacted us, expressing interest in what we were doing, and within 48 hours, they made first investment—and they have continued to participate in additional rounds of funding.

What sets Welltech apart as investors is their focus on building long-term partnerships. They go above and beyond to introduce us to other high-profile investors, even going so far as to fly one out on a private jet within 24 hours to meet us. Additionally, we very much value their operational expertise, which allows them to understand and support the nuances of running a business. Overall, we highly recommend Welltex as a valuable partner for any entrepreneur seeking long-term growth and success.

Ben Enosh
Founder of Antidote


CEO & Founders

Ben Enosh

Avihai Sodri

Carine-Belle Feder

David Ziotnick, M.D.

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